Saturday, June 21, 2008

Uptown Girl

Because "Anonymous" (reveal yourself!) left me a "motivating" comment on my last post, I decided not to get up from this chair until I have published something.

This video is hilarious because it highlights the uptown/downtown dichotomy in Kingston. Can you guess which one of these women is from Uptown? The concept is ingenious. Snaps to the creator. Apparently, this whole business about uptown men going downtown for "good pussy" is quite real. Ever heard the song "Wicked Slam" by Beenie Man? Ha ha! "Man if yuh waan fi get di medal, yuh haffi get a slam fram a real ghetto gyal."

Speaking of uptown and downtown, I actually found this video on Timberlee's Myspace page. I'm kind of liking Timber-lee.

She's a relatively new dancehall artist who benefits from the fact that her rudegyal deejay style doesn't exactly fit her pretty face. Personally, I love the idea that she's a confident thick girl who can get down on the mic. Most other people like her because she's an uptown girl with downtown style and people are always fascinated by a situation like that. That kind of annoys me because it's akin to people loving Justin Timberlake because he's a white and makes black music or any situation when the originator of culture is marginalised because they don't fit the image of what people want to see delivering that culture. ANYWAY! Her popular song "Bubble Like Soup" is a dancehall classic. I like!

"Hot Gyal a Hot Gyal! Sweet like a honey!"

The video is cool although I do not promote the early whore-ification of the little girl nor do I approve some of Timber-lee's outfits. Still rooting for Timber-lee for now.